Combat Archery

Combat Archery

What Is it

Are you ready to put your combat skills to the ultimate test with Combat Archery. This adrenalin fuelled activity is simple eliminate as many players as you can by nailing them with a foam-tipped arrow. Hide behind inflatable bunkers to avoid getting hit and plan your next attack.

Bring out your competitive side by facing off against each other in our outdoor arena, using your skill and agility to make sure you’re the last man standing! Or simply let loose the arrows and have fun with several exciting mini games.

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How It Works

Our foam tipped arrows allow safe fun, meaning that there are no bruises here! Groups can either come to one of our venues or we can travel to a location provided by the customer.

Our trained coordinator takes charge of the game to referee the match and explain the rules of various mini games. Available all over the country!

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