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Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball is the fastest growing phenomena in the world of fun activities. It’s fast, fun and lots of laughs.

Suitable for 6 – 60 year olds it’s the prefect experience for all types of events, stag do’s, team building, fun days, bonding sessions or just for fun!

We hire the Bubble balls to the public and businesses throughout the country for events, parties, fun days, corporate events etc.

Bubble ball is a fantastic game for you and your friends. You’ll be laughing for days. We can accommodate up to 7 a side games depending on the space available.

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Combat Archery

If you’re ready to put your combat skills to the ultimate test. This adrenalin fuelled Combat Archery with giant inflatable bunkers to take cover behind and plenty of places to avoid the arrows and plan your next attack is available all over the country.

Your main objective is to eliminate as many players as you can by nailing them with a foam-tipped arrow. It’s not quite that easy, because if an opponent catches your arrow mid-flight you’re eliminated instead!

Indoor or outdoor we can run your event whatever the weather all year round. Get ready to discover the awesome new activity, No wonder it’s one of the fastest growing combat sports in the country.

Goggle Football

Here it is ‘the great leveller’ the brand new game for sports nuts or people who just want to have a laugh. We are delighted to introduce Goggle Football to the country.

Players wear the specialty designed goggles with impair the vision, making football a lttle more difficult than before BUT MUCH MUCH FUNNIER. Watch as players lose track of where the football is, swing and miss, jump at the sight of their own hand and attempt moves and skills they never thought possible.

Goggle Football is probably the funniest thing to happen to football, so get involved today!

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All Activities

We also cover a range of other activities including Old School Sports day for those who want to relive their childhood. Dodgeball for those looking to work up a sweat. Turbo Cricket, the new and exciting way of playing cricket and finally UV Games, for those wanting to play in pitch darkness with only ultra violet lamps and aluminous bibs making you visible.

Our Customers

Here at Alternative Sports we provide our customers with unforgettable days with memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s friends who just want to have some fun, kids birthday parties or businesses looking to treat their employees, our games are open to everyone!

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